Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I mustache you a Question?

I came across the coin phrase on Pinterest and decided to incorporate it into Claire's Valentine gifts. I used my handy, dandy die cutter machine and cut out the fun mustaches! I spent about two hours putting everything together and laughed every bit of the way. They were so much fun to make!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday's with Daddy

Most Saturday mornings, Will (bless his heart) wakes up early with the kids and lets me sleep in. When the baby falls back asleep for a morning nap, he takes Claire to the local Nugget Market for coffee and Donuts - they have a great time on their Saturday mornings. Coffee is normally followed by some yard work.

Claire was excited to go help her Daddy work outside. Both Will and I mentioned to her that it was cold outside and that she would need to put on some pants and shoes.

She FIRST came out in this outfit!

We agreed on this one...

Mama's Sick Boy - Feeling better!

This week was no fun for our family - especially our little man. I could tell he wasn't feeling well since last weekend - just by the look in his eyes. He was lethargic and on occassion, wanted to be held. He progressively got worse - throwing up and diahhrea. We eneded up going to the Dr.'s, mid-week, finding out, on top of the flu symptoms he had an ear infection. The nights were tough; he was in pain and would wake up a few times per night. By the end of the week, I was beat! Thankfully he has started to feel better and his sleep pattern is slowly but surely making it's way back to normal :)

Writing this post to remind myself, no matter how bad a week might go, the feeling will not last forever!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A random Helpful tip:

When I was visiting my Aunt last month, she mentioned this book - Parenting with Love and Logic for Early Childhood (geared for children ages 2-6). I read the book this past week and it has changed how our house operates (or ME, rather!). This has tremendously helped Claire and I connect on another level. It has been amazing for her and I - it has taken a lot of the frustration out of constant battles to put shoes on, getting dressed, getting in her car seat, naps and bedtime. I will admit the first two days of these new techniques, Claire tested the limits to the max - yet I was able to keep my calm. I love these techniques! Since I have been less frustrated I have seen and experienced more with Claire on a fun level - I've been able to be present and at ease. It's been so nice! She's been so much fun! Wish I would have found this earlier!

Family Photos


A close family friend took our 2011 family pictures - I love how they were able to capture smiles from all four of us! Getting small ones to smile and look a the camera is no easy task :)
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Monday, February 6, 2012



Last week - I got Claire's hair cut for the 2nd time. The first time I was very careful to tell the lady to not cut any of her curls off. This time - I knew the curls, most likely, would not make it past the second hair cut - and so it is - No more curls...sad face!
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Little Mama!


Claire is too funny sometimes. I was in th kitchen a while back - it was quiet so I knew something had to be up. I look over into the living room and Claire is "changing" Bryce's diaper! "He poo-pood" Mommy - he needs his diaper changed!" Claire LOVES her little brother, she naturally gets jealous sometimes, but she is always protecting him and wanting to care for him.
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